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We offer a complete spectrum of Internet and Intranet connectivity options for your every need. Different circuit qualities and bandwidths, along with different Service Level Agreements (SLA), are available for your choosing pleasure.


We carry and deploy the industry’s leading network Firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, allowing for a better controlled Internet/Intranet experience, while offering value-added functions like SSL-VPN and other security enhancements to you.



Many businesses today do not see the immediate need to have an in-house IT staff especially if they have 30 employees or less. As a result, they turn to IT outsourcing for all their IT procurement and maintenance needs. However, not having a regular IT partner would usually result in operational inefficiencies and create disappointment for both the IT partner and the customer. We have support options with different response times for your every IT requirement.


Need professional help and expertise in managing an IT project for you? We offer help to work out successful and cost-effective IT projects for your every business need and could stand in as a consultant role in managing and handling other IT partners for your specific requirements.


We offer email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange hosted solutions and SmarterMail hosted solutions. While Microsoft Exchange offers a complete, rich and robust messaging environment, SmarterMail offers compatible and friendly features at an affordable price.


We offer hosted voice solutions through the highly customizable Asterixplatform. We have hardened this platform and enhanced it to be more robust and rich in features. This enables you to enjoy full-featured voice mobility solutions without the need to purchase any hardware phone server (or PBX).


We offer hosted dedicated servers or application hosted servers for your every need. Services like our AION Online Storage and AION Online Backup are popular with our customers. Private circuit options are also available for those who prefer a closed-loop network.



We believe that every business should be empowered by a strong partner and customer network. This should be the same to your IT network. Being the backbone of your IT operations, having a strong and stable network allows you to continue your business operations with efficiency.


Data and Voice networks, whether converged or standalone, should be planned and deployed with ease of use and maintenance in mind. Having extensive and successful experience in managing countless networks, we are confident of planning and deploying yours in a scalable and maintainable manner.



From standalone tower and rackmount servers to Blade systems, we offer solutions to run your various applications required for your business operations.


Storage requirements have never been more complex as more companies look to digitize their operations. We can recommend you the correct storage solution to suit your production or backup needs.


Virtualization is set to be the mandate in most technological offerings tomorrow. Harness virtualization possibilities today to maximize the use of your resources and to rapidly deploy solutions for your growing business needs.

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